“If you’re alive right now and own a cell phone, you are a rude, shitty person.” 

I can only speak for myself but I know the above observation from Aziz Ansari’s recent Netflix standup special definitely hits home. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally forget to respond to a text or if I never fell victim to my generation’s growing inability to make concrete plans. On top of that, I’m seemingly always disheartened by the lack of genuine interactions found in an age when we are more “connected” than ever.

But I’ll spare you a long-winded rant on the shortcomings of modern technology written on a smartphone and shared through wifi and get to the point of the post. Inspired by a recent initiative started by my old friend Shriram and my long ignored need to work on my handwriting (thanks, Jess!), I want to use my phone less for keeping in touch and start a postcard/letter correspondence with anyone who is interested.

As I won’t have a permanent address for the immediate future, I’ll begin by asking for addresses of any interested friends and start off the correspondence myself. If you want to respond once I send you a note, I’ll probably direct you to my parents’ address which will have the added benefit of helping persuade my mother that I do actually plan on stopping home in May after this roadtrip.

If you’re interested, feel free to leave your address in a comment or an email and I’ll get things started. Look forward to being in touch with some of you soon!

Also big ups to my friend Teddi for the farewell/good luck postcard she gave me before the trip that you see in the image above.