Who am I? How did I get here? When I look in the mirror, it all becomes clear

Before I blast off and head for the stars, I want to make sense of the journey thus far

Don’t look up to me, don’t trust a word I say. This path that I’m on isn’t the right way


It’s just the one that made sense to me at a time when I took a step back and faced a crisis of mind

In my past life I tried to fit in. I suppressed my real feelings and kept things hidden

I had to start over but where to begin? Any change in the world must start from within



In high school I was told to choose my major, but it wasn’t as simple as selecting my favorite

subject or field that I wanted to study. The opinions of others and the concept of money

clouded my mind and pushed me towards a career like a respectable doctor or an engineer


At that young age, I didn’t think for myself. I had a limited view of what I valued as wealth

How can a 17 year old make such a decision? Can a blinded horse use peripheral vision?

These expectations of success and having it all figured out lead to depression and stress, I have no bit of doubt



Fast forward through college and I was glad to survive that factory of knowledge where it was bad not to thrive

I spent my life waiting for the next box to check and then moved into a box, with a boss, for a check

Everyone that I knew was doing the same, vying for titles to attach to their name


Burying myself in a blind pursuit, I showed up every day in a lifeless suit

Surrounding me were a walking dead, gliding through lives full of everyday dread

I felt like a mess alone in my mind, burdened by stress of a brand new kind


I was making a living but felt so deprived, like another bee who got lost in the hive

Every day at that desk was erasing my soul as I marched along in a race to get old

I wanted to live more truly alive, so in pursuit of fulfillment I decided to dive



I looked in the mirror and peered into my soul. Years living in fear had been taking their toll

Staring into my eyes, I came to realize it was time to give up this life and its lies

Putting on the gloves and preparing to spar, I said, boy let’s find out who you really are

Ever since that day it’s been a war with my ego. I promise to stay no matter how many we go



Minutes before stepping foot in my cubicle for the first time. I wonder if that boy with the concerned look could have imagined the ride he was in for.


I second guess all the time, I think it’s human nature. I self address all these rhymes, just so I can make sure

That I’ll persevere and find my way despite the fear I feel today

about the future of the world and my place in it, and how things might unfurl in the days of our children


But worrying a ton won’t get anything done except for ensuring your mind comes undone

When I do get afraid, I realize it’s an unproductive place where that fear lies

So when I question the road ahead, I try to refocus and grow instead



While in Nepal I saw people in need, dealing with an earthquake and governmental greed

Every day of the year they battle real fear and their chance to start over won’t likely appear

So why do I get the option to craft a new life, while countless others are battling strife?


I met a young mother, a girl of just twenty, whose husband had left in search of some money

to send back for a house and food for the kids. By the time he returns, will they know who he is?

The fact that my struggles were largely existential forced me to consider if they were thus inconsequential

But now I understand that it’s pointless to compare and regardless of our background, we all have much to share


Instead of feeling guilty for these cards that I own, I’ve come to embrace that my light should be shone

I want to make things better for this place we call home but I need you by my side – I can’t do it alone

I wouldn’t want to stand in any other shoes and wouldn’t trade my people for any other crews

The thing to remember is we’re all in this together, what we do in each moment can impact forever



The best thing I’ve learned from travels afar is that it’s never too late to become who you are

No matter how overwhelming your life may get, you’re the most prepared you to handle it yet

I’ll never go back, no it’s better this way. I’ve found my true voice and I’m right here to stay

A glimmer of hope is all that I need to remember that oaks do start from a seed


I moved back in with my parents four years out of school. Now admitting that fact doesn’t make me feel cool

but I’m so grateful for them and hope that one day these gifts that they’ve given I can somehow repay

It’s a temporary stay, I’m not here forever. I’m spending each day plotting my next big endeavor


I’ve found what I’ve been searching for all of these years, a passionate project for my blood, sweat, and tears

I’m illustrating my love for the city that raised me, it’s almost done and it’s looking amazing

The art only starts with these drawings I’m making, the true fun begins once you start creating

In order for this dream to become a reality, I’ll need your support to ensure its vitality



You’ll learn much more soon, but first it’s important for me to explain how I arrived at this moment

I’ve got some stories to tell you in the weeks to come. I hope you’ll tune in, it’s sure to be fun


I want to show you how I see the world, how to free your mind and let the magic unfurl

So come with me, let’s go on a ride. Don’t forget to invite your child inside


– daniel